Introducing the new Fossil Free Marine

Unmanned Mobile Marine Station

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Financially viable, safe and environmentally friendly


  • Hull construction in advanced composite with proprietary lamination schedule
  • Length: 24 m, width: 4,3 m, weight appr. 35 tons (empty)
  • Internal volume: 60 m3, divided into six separate composite fuel tanks
  • Double walled in-house designed full composite fuel tanks, verified by TÜV
  • Leakage detection system compliant with EU regulations for water catchment areas
  • Central filling with integrated fuel spill containment
  • Fuel dispensers based on customer requirements, including service agreements
  • Designed and built in Sweden, by major composite shipyard Swedeship Composite
  • Fully unmanned operations, 24/7/365
  • Life expectancy: >50 years

Constructed from the ground up for fully unmanned operations, 24/7/365, in compliance with regulations for land based station

Increased volume capacity enables more profitable operations, due to improved logistics and lower risk of out-of-stock

Complies with even the most stringent environmental safety regulations, e.g for water catchment areas, and provides a future proofing for coming regulations for other sensitive marine environments

Construction is future proofed from an environmental and safety perspective, and well protected from fuel theft, with all piping and filling securely behind a single locked access hatch with fuel spill containment

Stays level even with varying tank volumes, thus ensuring safe operations as well as giving reassurance to end customers

Tanks are compatible with all types of liquid fuels, including more corrosive modern biofuels, making the product future-proofed

Enables increasing the number of fuel qualities, allowing the operator to more closely follow changes in consumer demand, e.g offering smaller volumes of more niche fuels, such as specific biofuels, while maintaining financially viable operations

In combination, the new Fossil Free Marine unmanned floating fuel station essentially sets a new world standard for safe and environmentally friendly storage and distribution of liquid fuels for the marine sector

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