The next level in environmental safety and sustainability

Unmanned Mobile Marine Station

A unique marine fuel station, designed to allow safe, sustainable, efficient and financially viable fuel supply on a global level

Compliant with the strictest environmental and safety standards, with risk assessment, design and construction verified by global certification bodies

Unique functional design - setting a new world standard in eco-friendly and safe fuel storage and filling

Advanced composite construction based on know-how from the Swedish marine industry - light, durable and with unsurpassed storage capacity

Future-proofed and ready to handle any type of liquid based fuels, such as HVO/XTL, biogasoline and upcoming e-fuels

Built for fully automated operatons, 24/7/365, and smooth logistical flows - ensuring financially viable operations

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Fossil Free Marine

We make boating sustainable!

The future of boating is happening now

We make boating sustainable

We enable the transition to fossil free boating through a new world standard in safe and efficient fuel and energy supply with a globally scalable product platform.

In Sweden alone, boats account for appr. 600.000 tons of CO2e, of which 30% from pleasure boating*

All boats with diesel engines can in principle switch to fossil free diesel (HVO/XTL) without changing a screw

Each Fossil Free Marine fuel station can potentially save 5.000 tons of CO2e yearly - for up to 50 years!

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