Have a suitable location for one of our Marine Stations?

Let us know, and let's discuss!

Throughout the Nordics, the rest of Europe and most other parts of the world, the marine fuel business is dominated by old, obsolete, worn out, and potentially hazardous equipment that is not compatible with today’s modern biofuels. We are always open to discuss new locations where a new unmannaed Marine Station from Fossil Free Marine could deliver a whole new level of sustainable and fossil free boating, as well as add value to the location owner.

As part of our offering, we are able to manage everything from site analysis, permit process, feasibility analysis, financial calculations, grant applications (where applicable), project management and installation.

If you have a location where you believe one of our Marine Stations would make sense, reach out to us and let’s discuss!

  • A marina, port or guest harbor without fuel supply
  • A well trafficked or popular boating destination
  • A municipality with a sustainability agenda
  • An existing location with old, not sustainable, equipment

If you would like to discuss fast charging/supercharging of electric boats, feel free to drop us a line as well – we plan to take an active part in building that infrastructure in a sustainable and financially viable way!