Making boating sustainable

About Fossil Free Marine

Fossil Free Marine develops infrastructure solutions that enable the transition to fossil free boating, both biofuels and fast charging for electric boats. Our product platform allows distribution of the latest modern biofuels (e.g HVO100 fossil free diesel and in the near future gasoline alternatives, such as Neste’s BioGasoline), future electrofuels (e.g e-Methanol) and other sustainable options (such as alcylate) in marine environments, while maintaining sustainable and financially viable operations. Within the same scalable product architecture we also develop innovative technical solutions for fast charging of fully electric and hybrid boats (BEV/PHEV), specifically designed for demanding marine environments. We are firm believers that sustainable boating is within our reach, and that we have the solutions to enable the necessary transition in our product portfolio and roadmap. Welcome aboard sustainable boating!

Fossil Free Marine has received two separate grants from “The Climate Leap” (KlimatKlivet), a Swedish government grant for local climate investments, for incremental costs for distributing renewable fuels for our first two installation, outside Stockholm.


Fossil Free Marine is a registered EU trademark (EUIPO) of Fossil Free Marine Europe AB, a Swedish LTD corporation.



About Fossil Free Marine Europe AB:

CEO: Karl-Oskar Tjernström,

Visiting address: Norrsken House, Birger Jarlsgatan 65


Fossil Free Marine naturally supports UN SDG Goal 13, Climate Action, which is an integral part of our purpose.

Fossil Free Marine also contribute to UN SDG Goal 14, Life Below Water, by allowing safe fuel storage and filling for sensitive marine environements, and transition to cleaner fuels.