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Why invest in Fossil Free Marine?

Fossil Free Marine is a Swedish impact scale-up, founded in 2019 with a clear mission: to enable the transition to sustainable boating. We closed our first (pre-seed) round, early 2021 which together with a substantial Swedish government investment grant from "The Climate Leap" (KlimatKlivet), supporting local climate investments and loan financing (supported by The Swedish Export Credit Agency, ExportKreditnämnden) has secured funds for roll-out of a first PoC (Proof of Concept). Our first full scale unit is operational since summer 2022 in Lidingö, just outside Stockholm, together with fuel industry partner OKQ8. We are currently looking to raise a Seed-round of up to 2,5 MEUR, as we move into an aggressive commercialization phase. Please reach out to us, if you are interested in discussing or would like to receive more information. Fossil Free Marine naturally supports UN SDG Goals 7, 9, 13 and 14 and consider ourselves an active part of the growing blue economy, and welcome investors with a blue economy mindset, as well as industrial players (boat builders, shipyards, composite manufacturers, fuel industry players) with an ambition to play a part in the transition to sustainable boating and preservation of marine life.

It will inevitably take many years before boats with combustion engines are gradually replaced with electric ones

Modern drop-in biofuels can give immediate and significant reduction in CO2 emissions, but infrastructure blocks transition

Innovations from companies like Fossil Free Marine can accelerate the transition to sustainable boating

We offer game changing technology, covering biofuels and electrification, based on a highly scalable business model

Our ambition is to set a new world standard for safe and sustainable fuel and energy delivery for boats

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