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Why invest in Fossil Free Marine?

Fossil Free Marine is a Swedish impact start-up, currently undergoing its first (seed) investment round, with the objective of securing funds for a roll-out of a first PoC (Proof of Concept) targeting commercial launch early 2022. We are constantly on the lookout for active investors who look to make a difference in the world, while generating a healthy return on investment. We firmly believe we can deliver both.

Climate change is happening, at an accelerating pace

Transportation stands for 16% of CO2 emissions globally, and while road transport is rapidly becoming electrified, little is done about the marine sector

Innovations from companies like Fossil Free Marine can accelerate the transition to sustainable boating

We will offer game changing technology, covering biofuels and electrification, based on a highly scalable business model

Our ambition is to set a new world standard for safe and sustainable fuel and energy delivery for boats